Friday, December 11, 2015

August 2015 (in December)

August 2015: Mikey started 1st grade, Jonny started 4k and Eleanor started in the young 2's at St Andrews.
Back to school! The color chart got a lot more complicated in 1st grade.


This is as good as it gets around here

Mail from my Great Uncle Erle in the UK

Our last adventure before the school year started - Johnny Rockets and Go Karts!

A photo of my Great Grandmother Selina - my mother was her doppelganger!

A tree next to our yard split and had to be taken down (before it took a house out with it)

Leaning trees...

E, helping me crochet

Love in your 30's

I bought something called Krud Kutter and it changed my life. Before photo below.

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