Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Crochet

I haven't had as much time as I like to crochet with my busy work schedule, but I have been working on a few new projects (while not finishing many that are already in progress).

Eleanor is ready for the front to come off her crib, and have it officially be made into a toddler bed. I wanted to put this off for longer, but she keeps jumping out of the crib, and I would hate for her to hurt herself. With that in mind, I thought I would crochet a quick, soft toddler bed sized blanket for her to snuggle up with using my scrap Homespun Thick & Quick! It won't end up even at all - I have way more purple than the grey and random sparkly metallic purpley blue color, but that is ok. I tend to make things WAY too wide, and then not have enough yarn to finish a project, which I'm potentially running into here. Perhaps we'll just turn it around and make it a vertical stripe blanket :)

JAYGO (Join as you go) is my new passion in life. I can't believe I waited so long to try it! I also tried out some new photo effects in the A Color Story app put out by ABM. This blanket consists of grannies that are 12 rows each, in solid colors. I think it will be 16 sqaures in all, but I might go 20 to make sure it is long enough to cover up the toes of even the tall fellow that lives here.

Also, with the JAYGO method in mind, I'm going to start making the children blankets for their beds. I have a lot of feminine yarn - I need to invest in some more masculine colors for the boys. I had it in mind that I might be able to crochet 3 granny square blankets in time for Christmas (which is what time E will likely be transitioning to her twin size bed) but we'll see.

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