Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 August

Getting one last use out of the broken coffee machine (before it was replaced with the exact same model)

Decimated tomato plants after a heavy storm.

Jonny got his orange belt

I didn't want to cook dinner, so we had a smorgus board instead! It was awesome.

Fleas suck. Natural remedies don't work. Hired Killers pest control took care of the problem for us.

Spiders at night on the deck.

Deck garden after storm. Poor tomatoes.

1st day back to school, 2nd grade, Kindergarten & Preschool

This ended up being a terrible experiment. Not enough sun, super leggy seedlings that all bit the dust.

I planted turnips and carrots in the ground. We'll see if they do anything exciting over the next few months, but I'm not counting on it.

Frankie's Fun House as a last hurrah before the new school year started.

Fresh from the garden.

Orange Slime Mold after a week straight of rain

More fungus in the yard after lots of rain.

Garden in August (after Cukes and sweet potatoes were ripped out.

This actually worked, sort of.. just not well enough to stop the problem.

Funnel spider... creepy little beastie!

Tried to dust a fan, it wasn't working - ended up disassembling the entire unit and scrubbing the blades by hand. Krud Kutter is amazing stuff!

Farmer Jon.

Oaxacan Jewel.

Roma's, Chocolate Sprinkle Cherries, Italian Marzano.

Jiffy Pellet experiment - works much better when you let the seedlings have light, but germination rate was great.

Funky Chocolate Sprinkle Cherries

Another experiment that will be abandoned. The ground sucks - the clay is crap. Going to build several more raised beds.

My new garden boots.

E & Josh, watching OK GO videos.


Real house spiders of SC.

Sweet E.

Mr Turtle.

Baby Birdies.

Josh cleared some yard for me so I can expand the garden.

My blueberry plans aren't going anywhere.

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