Friday, November 12, 2010

{like can lead to love}

Over the last year, my blogging has severely decreased. Yeah, I work full time. Yeah, I have a house to run into the ground, and a husband and child to bug. But, my number one excuse for not blogging here is that I'm typically way too busy reading OTHER blogs. And those blogs send me to other blogs, and the cycle continues. There are so many rediculously talented women out there rockin' the blog scene. My favorites are the crafters. I don't care if they are crafting cupcakes or holiday mantel displays, I just love them all. I read their blogs and dream about all the great things I'M going to do JUST LIKE THEM OMFG!

The photobloggers have me dreaming of all the fantastic digital editing I'm going to do. The style bloggers have me drooling over my next decorating project (oh, who am I kidding - my first decorating project). The quilters. The homemade good makers. The stay at home knitting mommy brigrade. I want to do everything they can do. I want to try it all out. Except, I can't stop reading all these freakin' blogs to actually start doing any of these awesome things! I've replaced my 14 hour a week TV problem with a 14 hour a week blog addiction. Can't. Stop. Reading. Crafting. Blogs.

And then, the worst possible thing happened. I stumbled across a blog so overwhelmingly awesome in so many different ways, I may just be able to forsake all other blogs for Kevin and Amanda. /swoon. /drool.

But, even though I nearly face my demise in the blogging world, I must persist in persisting. I started this place to document my many adventures in raising up my little family.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

{fall fun}

A few pics of Mikey visiting his Aunt in Tucson and Trick-or-Treating on Halloween:



{Mikey showing his toy trains to Grammy while on the phone with her}




{counting the loot afterward}