Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Landscaping with leaves...

Gosh. A whole week has gone by since my last post! I'm sorry, but I was way more bummed about the election than I realized. I even signed a petition to have SC secede from the union - that is how butt hurt I was about the whole thing! In hindsight, that was probably dumb, but whatever, Obama, no hard feelings. I still think you might be the worst president of all time, but if 114% of registered voters in Ohio picked you, who am I to argue with voter fraud.

/bitterness off.

Thanksgiving is a week away! I'm just not ready at all. Thank goodness that Ma-in-law is running the show this year, and I'm merely part of the supporting cast. Aunt Sarah will be here on Saturday, and I can't wait to witness the reunion of her and the boys! Expect ridiculous amounts of pictures and merriment sharing to go on.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and snap a few pictures of the yard. It is CRAZY how it is just blanketed in leaves all over again. Remember when it looked like this at the beginning of November?

And then the handsome J man and Pa-in-law came through with the riding mower, and leaf blower, and got things pretty orderly again...

Anyway, after a few chilly days of rain & wind, it is worse than ever. Except I don't really care. I love these frickin' leaves. Best landscaping ever. Thank you God, for your gifts. They give the men in my life a headache and secret giddiness at having an excuse to strap on power tools.

And just because, babies!

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