Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In the Garden: 15 June 2016

I am the worst possible candidate to be steward of this little garden. I'm terrified of bugs, and they abound. As I was pruning the suckers from the tomatos, all manner of spider was bouncing from the tomato cages, and I screamed each time (I'm sure the neighbors assumed I was being murdered in the back yard). Thankfully watering only involves turning a faucet once or twice a day, and hand watering is reserved for the small crop of tomatoes and peppers on the deck.

Everything was planted May 7th in the raised beds, and a week later we "planted" our deck garden. Here is what it looked like then:

And here is what it looks like NOW!

(had to move some things around on the deck because the plants weren't getting enough sun)

 The raised beds, side by side. Hard to tell how tall everything has gotten in this pic due to all the surrounding green stuff.

The 2 Better Boy Tomato plants. These guys are supposed to produce a ton of fruit, and I was worried that they weren't going to produce anything at all. I think they just needed more water - once we went to watering 2x a day they started to take off, and are already producing blooms!

 The 2 cucumber plants we put in together under one cage have become massive, and are taking over the sweet potato plants on that half of the bed. It is hard for me to be mad at them though - they are so adorable with their sweet tendrils and pretty yellow blooms! Looks like we'll have a lot of cucumbers.

We haven't had Heinz Tomato ketchup since I found out John Kerry was married to Theresa Heinz in 2000. 16 years, no Heinz! And then Josh managed to sneak in some Heinz roma tomatos into my raised beds. They were the only plants growing for a long time, so I decided to just let bygones be bygones (but I'll be sticking with Hunts ketchup, thank you very much!). There are also 2 cherry tomato plants that are going bonkers and growing clear out of the top of their cages. Hopefully they'll do less growing tall and more growing fruit!

And here are our peppers! We've got Jalapeno's and habaneros with blooms already  on them, just waiting on the bell peppers to come along now.

If you look to the right, you can see some pale yellow peppers - these are our Havasu Hot Peppers! They will eventually turn orange/red, but can be picked now. I'm trying to decide if I want to pick them now or wait for them to fully ripen.

That sweet white bloom belongs to the Jalapeno plant!

Baby cherry tomatoes!

Sweet yellow bloom on the cucumber plant (and look at those adorable tendrils grabbing hold of everything!)

 The Heinz Tomato plants. The spiders seem to really love those particular tomato cages.

Blooms, at last! On the Better Boy tomatoes!

And just for fun, here is what I believe to be a day lily, and also a dandelion growing on our chimney.

I wonder how he got up there...

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