Monday, January 2, 2017

Growing a Garden: January

Before I knew anything about gardening, I considered it to be a hobby relegated to the spring and summer. Now I know that for every month of the year, there are activities to be tended to to ensure a fantastic garden year round. I stumbled upon this guide during the last year, and I think it sums up nicely what a vegetable gardener in my zone (8a) can expect to get into and at what time. {Monthly Garden Calendar for the Piedmont} Here it is now the first week of January, and I'm getting ready to start my first seedlings (leeks - both American Flag & Carentan) by this weekend. This will be my first venture into indoor growing using Jiffy Pellets & a Shop Light. As is common with me, I tend to stumble upon an EVEN BETTER WAY to do almost everything garden related after I've already committed to something else. In this case, I learned about Winter Sowing the day after Christmas. Of course this was after Santa delivered BIG TIME and brought me a shop light and many many jiffy peat pellets. Alas. I'm saving up 2 liter bottles (I need 33 more) in order to "Winter Sow" my tomatoes, peppers & cukes, and I'll be starting my other indoor starts (brassicas, mainly) under the grow lights.

Other exciting garden endeavors? I went down to Tractor Supply w/ Pa-in-law and acquired 2 cattle panels, and a pile of t-posts. These cattle panels will be used to trellis tomatoes & other vining fruit.

More to come on the gardening front, but I'll make sure to post some pics from the garden soon!

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