Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Eve of Christmas Eve.

I can't remember anticipating Christmas this much in a very long time. I've been mindful of the traditions I want my boys to look forward to at this time each year, and so far they have been exposed to plenty of sweet Christmas movies, music, and cartoons. We've been hiding the elf every evening before we go to sleep, and it is the very first thing the boys look for in the morning.

Besides that, we paid (literally) a visit to Santa, and have been discussing on a regular basis what they hoped to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Johnny has consistently been mentioning Elmo when asked what Santa was bringing him for Christmas, and Mikey's list is so long it was hard to pick only a few things from the list.

J & I are choosing not to Exchange gifts again this year - we both wanted to focus more on our boys and family. Maybe next year!

Things that I didn't get my act together in time for that I want do next year include an advent calendar, a bigger light display on our home, and more decorating with greenery and live holiday plants. But, for once, I feel like I put in a fairly decent effort, and overall I'm pleased. The only other wish I had was to attend a Christmas service at a local church, but the stars didn't align due to G-ma being sick.

Looking forward to our much anticipated Christmas with our sweet little family. Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

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