Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jon Jon turns 3!

So, I'm a little behind (well, only a week behind) but our sweet Jonny man turned 3 whole years old! I remember Mikey being more excited about his 3rd birthday, but I think J sort of thinks of it as a holiday for everyone --- a "happy" day involving cake, and presents. It was hard to get him to say what he wanted for his birthday, so we ended up just getting more of what we got for Mikey (and of course, Grandma and Papa got him his big kid bike).

And with oddly perfect timing, Jonny has mostly got this potty training thing down now, within a week of turning 3. No more pullups during the day, only one at night just in case (though he wakes up dry most mornings). It is weird - having two potty trained kids has its own set of hassles (like, seriously, kids, you need to wash your dang hands!!! aghhh!) but other than that, I'm super relieved that Eleanor will be the only one in diapers come June.

Also, please don't mind Jonny's awesome hair in these pics. He had recently attempted to style it himself using vaseline (almost the same as hair gel, lol).

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