Friday, July 24, 2015

Lazy Summer

The days are slow, but the weeks are fast. Or something like that. We have 3 weeks of summer left, which is just crazy! I remember the summer seeming to stretch on forever as a kid. It had been nearly a decade since my life had been ruled by the rhythm of the school calendar, but I have embraced it once again. Even though J and I still have to do the whole "go to work" thing, we surely appreciate not having to rush out the door in the morning. Here are some snapshots taken since my last post!

Stein's of Beer!

Loom knitting a scarf

I'm all about extreme crocheting these days. Bulky yarns = quick projects!

Senor froggy on our bathroom window screen late at night

E's last day before turning 1!

E & Papa!

Heading to Miss Judy's for some pool time!

Getting Jonny to jump into the pool has been a great accomplishment this summer

E is such a water baby - she hates that someone has to hold her!

J & M

J's cheese face

E & G Ma

The best pickles ever, seriously.

Made a Marguerita Pie for J's office lunch party

Bug friends in the garage

Mosquito Murderer. It has been so wonderful to be able to enjoy the outdoors during the summer!

Collaborating on a puzzle

Puzzle completed!

Bigger than the old pool... but still not as much fun as we had hoped it would be

I guess we'll have to get an above ground for next summer!

We went to get snow cones on a hot Sunday afternoon, and of course the sky opened up and drenched us.

Shark tooth boy!

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