Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June 2015

A lot has happened since I wrote in May. The biggest for me is that I was offered a full time permanent position with the company I had been a contractor for the last 3 years, and had worked for the previous decade before that. I still am able to work remotely from home, and will still be performing reporting and analytics, so overall a super awesome thing for me. Simultaneously awesome for the family because we can get off J's company provided health insurance and switch to mine (which is going to save us ~$500 a month). 

The sports season ended (thank goodness!) and the school year is over, so we have moved into a much more relaxing, happy place for all of us. The boys have been taking swim lessons on Saturdays, and we've been trying to take the kids somewhere... anywhere... each weekend since we can't really pull off a big extended family vacation this summer. Hoping to maybe get some camping in before the summer is over, and possibly squeezing in the River Bank Zoo and the aquarium in Atlanta. We shall see!

Eleanor is all finished at the daycare she was attending, and will spend the rest of the summer at home with her grandmother, starting at the same preschool her brother's attended in the fall. Eleanor also started walking a few weeks ago, and it has been so much fun watching her toddle about the living room. She will turn one a week from today, and I have mixed emotions on that. I am grateful that she is my littlest little by a long shot - with Mikey and Jonny it felt as if the baby phase was long over before the age of 1. Looking forward to a small family party to mark the occasion.

Hopefully another month won't slip by before I'm able to update again!

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