Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 2016

I'm going to go ahead and call this my last photo dump post. It's helpful for me to have any activity on the blog, but dumping all these pictures in one place without context about what we were doing isn't really staying true to my intention of using this blog as a family photo album of sorts. I've recently started to enjoy making "vlogs" and posting them to youtube (especially about gardening) and I hope to continue expanding on that with videos not only on gardening, but cooking, cleaning and other matters of the home. 

Anyway - here is October 2016!



Mike promoted to "banana" belt 

Boys @ the dentist - no cavities!

Woodchips piled up in my future Ruth Stout/B2E/Deep Mulch Garden

Garden plans for Spring 2017

Beautiful Dogwoods in all their fall splendor

The boys enjoying the view from Pretty Place Chapel, SC

Ellers & Daddy at Pretty Place Chapel

Pretty Place Chapel (Aunt Sarah officially made Bryan "Uncle" to the Beasties)

The boys & Uncle Steve right before Sarah & Bryan's wedding

Ellers was a kitty cat again this Halloween. She makes one cute kitten.

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