Monday, August 11, 2008

When is it ok to kill your dog?

Guinness decided to do some redecorating while we were at work today. Our couch USED to look like this:

And now looks like this:

Please notice that the couch USED to be in one piece, and USED to have several pillows that matched the fabric of our $2300 couch. Oh, precious Wooly Bully couch from Mor Furniture, how you have been wronged. Fear not, for I shall make you new pillows, and they will be carved from the fur of a German Shepherd.

What happened to the sweet little Guinness I used to know?


  1. No way! Anger issues? Boredome? Where is Cesar Milan?!?!

    Is that a doggie door or something that he ripped off underneath the window?

    I can give you some pointers on sewing pillows, however I've never worked with leather.

  2. His name implies that he's hard rockin'. Maybe he's too hard rockin'...he needs a hobby!

  3. Forget need to check out Victoria Stillwell from Animal Planet's "It's me or the dog." She is actually coming to film in the states, so you could get on the show....haha.

    PS I've been trying to call you; it's not nice to ignore your sis-in-law haha :-P

  4. Vicki -

    Guinness just has issues. We've paid ridiculous sums of money for training, but I think what it gets down to is that he must not be getting enough exercise, which I only have myself to blame for. But still - the nonsense with the couch is GOD AWFUL!!! If he is going to destroy something, I wish it was the weeds in the backyard.

    Lula - I agree with you - I surely was asking for trouble when I named my animal after the beer of choice for drunk Irishmen everywhere.

    Sarah - Sorry, Pal. I'm awful with the phone. You should know better to call your brother if you need me for something :) My dad has finally figured out to call him first, lol.