Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I be FLY?

The internet is a wonderful thing, with a wide assortment of useful websites that I have yet to discover. It is always a treat to discover a new gem, and today I have found one of those gems. Hello FlyLady! I stumbled across this website: FlyLady.net.

The concept is appealing - someone on a forum I read asked in a thread "Is your life in Chaos?" Much like Ron White in the Blue Collar Comedy tour, I followed the link thinking this women must surely be talking directly to me. When I found out Chaos stands for "Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome" I knew she was talking to me! Ok, ok, I shouldn't be giving rave reviews to the site just yet, but the principles are solid and I'm signing up (hey- it's free!).

So, I'm a single mom for the rest of this week. Husband is in Palm Springs for training on a new piece of equipment for the ol' job. Must be rough - Palm Springs. *sigh* It's ok - I get a lot more accomplished around the house when I don't have to clean around the husband :) And besides, he'll be back by Friday.

Picture Time:

Ok, as much as I am dreading this - here are some belly shots. The first is a side profile. Please don't faint from the horror of it all. I warned you that my skin and I are not on speaking terms right now due to her unwillingness to stretch to accommodate my offspring. The doctor said younger women get stretch marks because we have a lot of collagen in our skin. Uh - shouldn't it be the other way around?

I know, I know - it is going to get worse before it gets better. But - to illustrate my point on how ridiculous my stretch marks really are, here is a shot of the right side of my belly. For some reason I'm not getting them on the left side of my belly. Perhaps this is due to the positioning of Baby G, but that is just a guess.

So - any hot tips on dealing with these stretch marks? Is a skin graft my only hope??? /cry

I have other pictures, too. I caught my sweet kitties being nice to eachother this afternoon, and much to their dismay I had the camera plugged in and ready to rock.

Alright, that is all :) I will post more on the development of this FlyLady quest, along with my rededication to a Total Money Makeover with Mr. Dave Ramsey


  1. Great post! Lots to talk about :)

    I love FlyLady. I started "following" her routine a couple years ago. I really was happy with my house when I was doing it. What helped me was to modify the daily, weekly and monthly routines to the specific needs of my house. I laminated them so I could check things off each day and then wipe those marks off to start all over again. I really do better when I have a check list.

    I saw my FlyLady sheets the other day when I pulled all our schooling folders out. I need to get back on that. So, if you want to be FlyLady accountabiliy partners I'm game.

    Stretch marks: the bane of every mom-to-be I think. I rubbed Parker's Cocoa Butter on my tummy every night (got it at WalMart) and that seemed to help. That being said, apparently there's nothing we can really do to prevent them. Minimize? Maybe, but not prevent. It's genetics I think.

    Cute pics of the kitties. Mine are overweight so I've been trying to figure out how to make them more active. Someone needs to invent a kittie wheel like hamsters have. What have you done with your dog? :)

  2. I used to be Fly--but that Lady got so demanding "Go shine your sink!" every single day, so I had to break it off. Now I'm semi-fly. I do like to pick up before going to bed so that we don't wake to nasty clutter. And I do like to have an empty sink at bedtime...5 days out of the week it happens. But it's not always shiny!

    Stretch Marks...sigh...the mark of motherhood. I only had them AFTER delivering, not while pregnant. I bought some cream specifically for them--can't remember the name--will get back to you on that. But I did use it religiously for about 4 months and mine are almost completely faded. I don't think you can ever get rid of them fully--sorry!

    And do not think I didn't notice those BSG DVDs next to your cute cats. Are you still watching? So love that show...