Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain-Palin 08!!!

I can not begin to say how excited I am about Sarah Palin being selected as John McCain's running mate! She is an amazing woman - a role model - a great conservative, and she will be incredible! Can you feel the excitement?

I can't wait to vote for this ticket on November 2nd!


  1. I am now reinvigorated about the political season! Recently I was just happy criticizing Obama but wasn't hyped about McCain at all. He sure did bring it today and I'm excited to see more of Palin in the coming months.

  2. Girl...

    Vicki turned me onto Palin months ago--so I was one of the few who had actually heard of her before last Friday. I LOVE HER.

    Some comments my husband & I made during her speech on Wednesday:

    Me: She has balls.
    Scott: I want to marry her.
    Me: You have my permission--I love her.
    Scott: You can babysit the kids.
    Me: Gladly.