Thursday, May 7, 2015

7 May 2015

Ha ha ha. It has been over 3 months since my last post. Things around here had hit critical mass. I was overwhelmed with working crazy hours, those youth sports we were sooo excited about, and taking care of E full time. It was nuts. I finally cracked and put E in daycare. She has been attending for a few weeks now, and gradually, things have been settling down around here.

I've been working less at night, and spending more time crocheting and catching up on shows I had been meaning to watch forever (finally caught up on Game of Thrones, for example). The house is also somewhat less of a disaster, which makes me feel a lot better. Trust me, there is a lot more to be done, but I no longer feel buried alive under doom and despair.

Unfortunately, E is pretty much crabby cakes from the moment she gets home until the time she goes to sleep at night because she refuses to sleep at daycare for longer than 45 minutes. This from a girl who was accustomed to 6 hours of napping a day. No wonder she is so pissed. I'm optimistic that she will adjust soon.

Other than that, I feel like we are all just anxious for the spring sports season to be over - it isn't what we thought it would be, and it isn't for us. I'm not sure that we'll do it ever again - but for now, the summer looms before us in a most inviting way. I'm envisioning long slow evenings with iced tea, dinner together as a family every night, and lots of laziness. /swoon.

And, to catch you up, here are a pile of photos taken from my cell phone since February.


Lessons in Pokemon.



beef+potato tacos with black beans and rice = the best stuff on earth.

I am Jonny Man!
the beasties three.
super duper cutie with an icky month long ear infection.

I wish tball season was one week long, just so I could snap a few pictures in the uniform

Spring finally showed up.
And so did Eleanor's top teeth.
our microwave died, so we upgraded to an over the range type - I love it!
I finally finished crocheting this monster that was only supposed to take 6 hours
 {when Jonny makes his own breakfast}


Hail! It was crazy!

I went blonde after going short.

E & Daddy.

E turns 10 months old.

After going blonde, I needed to speak with a manager.

E & Fitz.

E & Daddy.

E loves to read!

Finally got a grip on my yarn situation.

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