Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dream Home, Part 1.

I thought I would start blogging about my home, and specifically my attempts at turning my house into a "home." I have lots of ideas for different rooms, and my overall focus is on having a clean, simple, clutter free home. I've started decorating (minimally) and the big focus for us right now are these major projects we want to accomplish (landscaping the backyard which is only gravel at the moment, and laying our new floors). But - I'm always on the look out for other cool ideas, and I found one for our laundry room when I was reading BH & G in the Oklahoma City Airport. It fits our needs (yes, my dear husband actually contributes quite a bit to our laundry endeavors) and is even the same size as our laundry room now. Of course, we'll have to make some changes to our current set up (like exchanging our fold out doors for doors that just open up) but I think this is very doable.

From Dream Laundry...

Of coures, one major problem I am running into right now is finding inexpensive butcherblock to cover the washer and dryer with (this should provide a great working space). Any idea on where I can find relatively affordable butcherblock?


  1. Speaking of dream homes...

    Picked up the keys this morning. Been cleaning and running down supplies all day. Re-keyed the locks already. Gonna spend this week getting all the little things done and out of the way before the big move next weekend.

    And seriously guys. Let us know when you're ready for the backyard. It's getting warm quite rapidly.

  2. Ooh! I know Steve will help for sure with the yard and floors! And you should ask Chad for help with the backyard, too. He did theirs... irrigation and all! He even surveyed the land to make sure everything would drain properly!

  3. He may not have asked directly. I think the topic came up, we offered, he said ok, now we're waiting to hear a start date.

    The lot should already be properly graded (unless Guinnes has really been a bad dog). The builder's responsible for that. What damage you do to the drainage after purchase is entirely between you, the skeeters, and the HOA.