Monday, March 9, 2009

Drill here... later???

I recall that during the elections, Newt Gingrich was leading the call to action to get Americans pumped up about drilling for energy (oil or natural gas or WHATEVER) here on our soil. As prices at the pump plummeted, it appears we lost our enthusiasm to stop relying on other countries to provide our energy. I know that Newt is still out there trying to be a cheerleader, but everyone else has simply lost their momentum. I'm a bit worried about this as the price of oil seems to be creeping up again. With this current recession and the Obama administration seemlingly making things worse, I'm really worried about what a steep increase in gas prices will do to families that are already hurting.

And speaking of hurting families, the Mortgage Modification has been rolled out. We are supposed to contact our lenders to get the ball rolling, but I'm afraid that we are likely ineligible. You see, our mortgage is within 1/4 of our combined take home pay. I know that we could have been approved for more at the time, but the Husband and I thought "Hey, why not just buy a home we can afford..." At the same time, our mortgage is one of those crazy 80/20 whatchahoozits. It would be great to be able to refi into one 30 year fixed loan, but we aren't really looking for a payment reduction or anything, lol. Of course - if one of us gets laid off, that totally changes the story. Since you can only use this program once, and it lasts through 2012, perhaps we should wait this out a bit longer to see what the job front holds for us.

Finally, Day Lights Savings has arrived! Hooray! Even though AZ is not affected at all, I'm always happy that my customers are 1 hour ahead of me. It makes me feel not so bad about working from 7 to 3:30 (I'm now working 8 to 4:30 in my customers time zone). For whatever reason, my phone has been in the nasty habit of ringing at 2:29 each afternoon. Don't these people know that I have a precious baby to go scoop up and take home?

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  1. Oh, don't worry about rising gas prices. Obama and minions in Congress will force the gas companies to lower their prices...probably by offering them subsidies and then taking them over.