Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting Ready For Summer...

I LOVE this time of year. I know it is still thawing out in most parts of the country, but here in AZ it is already nice and toasty. The high on Wednesday is going to be 88! Last summer was just ludicrous. I was supah dupah preggers, and have never felt so gosh darn hot in my whole life. Come to think of it, I felt much the same way in December, ha ha ha (seriously, we had the AC cranked in December!). Anyway, I'm feeling much better about AZ weather in general, and am REALLY looking forward to the upcoming waves of heat.

Getting ready for the Summer in AZ is no simple task (not for me, anyway). There is a set of rituals I engage in annually in order to properly embrace the long days of sunshine, tank tops and board shorts. First, I have to make my summer time playlist. Check! Yep, I'm done, already! On the list this year is Incubus, Sevendust, Sublime, 311, Fred Green, Jimmies Chicken Shack and the Deftones. 369 songs in all... just in case I plan on sitting by the pool for 23.45 hours one day and don't want to hear the same song twice. I am actually contemplating making another Summer Playlist with Island, Bossa Nova and Samba music (because I'll take any excuse to listen to Astrud Gilberto).

The next item on the agenda is getting a body worthy of nakedness. Now, I don't really run around naked in AZ during the summer, but in order to bare the heat, you essentially run around in sleeveless or strapless shirts and shorts or capris. Back at ASU, the ladies actually did run around in Bikini's on campus, lol. But, I'm no longer at ASU so I can't really do that (plus, my marks of motherhood aren't really pretty, so no 2 pieces for me until I've had massive vitamin E therapy). Last summer I was pregnant and not really caring what my body looked like, but the prior summer I had a lot of success on PSMF. That stands for Protein Sparing Modified Fast. The basics of the diet are : Plenty of Lean Protein and Plenty of non Starchy Vegetables. Throw in some exercise and you lose a crap ton of weight in a short amount of time. It is a science based crash diet, really. Last year I didn't get a chance to move to maintenance because I got knocked up. But - before that happened, I was looking pretty good! (See Below)

This time around, The Right Husband will be joining in on the fun. He gained some sympathy pregnancy weight, and he is going to take it off by doing PSMF with me. Even though AZ gets super hot, super early, most in the State are super chickens when it comes to actually getting in the water for the first time. The brave stick their toes in around June, while the Husband and I will likely be waiting until July. We should both be bathing suit worthy by July of this year.

Of course - the only reason we even care about getting in a Bathing Suit is because of our dearest darling little Mikey. I can't wait to stick him in a sweet little pair of baby board shorts and take him swimming for the first time!

It won't truly be Summer until our first 3 digit day. The day it hits 100 degrees here (it shouldn't be too long... perhaps sometime in April?) I'll roll my windows down and crank up the stereo to listen to "Doin Time" by Sublime.

I love this time of year!

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  1. Awesome!! I can't wait for the permanently warm weather! Playlist...that's something I've got to work on. Hope your protein diet is successful! My husband is doing the Zone diet and it's working well for him. It's not quick weight loss though.