Monday, March 9, 2009

The Luckiest...

I just had the most amazing night with my guys. Mikey and I played together all afternoon and evening, and after his nap Mr. Right and I gave him a bath, and then it was off to bed. After a long crazy day at work, it was awesome to unwind with my boys!

For your viewing pleasure, MPG at 10 Weeks:


  1. Kerith,
    LOL, he is so cute! I've never seen such an attentive and mature baby! He looks like he has no problem sitting up or holding his head up. And I can't believe he weighs as much as he does. He just looks so much older than he is. But man, is he a cutie or what?! Congrats again. I think I would be giggling every day if this was the cute little mug I got to come home to every day.:P

  2. He's so cute and his eyes are so bright and big! Cute :)