Monday, March 23, 2009

Kinda, Sorta, Maybe...

1 Month ago today, my maternity leave ended. My emotions continue to run high on the subject, as I am torn between wanting to do nothing but spend all day with my son and the enormous guilt I feel when I'm in the office enjoying interacting with the adult world.

Right now there is $14k and a refinanced "Obamortgage", and being able to turn in my lease in November standing between me and being a stay at home mom. $14k in measly credit card debt. What on earth did we ever spend that money on, anyway? Why didn't I know about Dave Ramsey when I was coming out of high school? After spending our tax return on paying off credit card debt, there are no large chunks of cash in our future that will make this any easier. Cuz' I have to pay off the credit card debt BEFORE my lease is up in Nov in order to walk away from the lease (because I can't quit my job until the debt is paid off, and I need a car to get to work... see).

Anyway, it is all very frustrating.

And on the flip side, Husband and I are managing to pay all our bills, AND take on all my student loans that just came due AND pay $600 a month in daycare, and we are really ok.

Friends and neighbors are living in fear of losing their job, husband and I are pretty comfy right now, and I'm like "Yeah, lets pay off this debt so we can live on one income and know what it is really like to suffer, that sounds ideal." Oh, and then I want to rub salt in what would be our newly strained budget by having like 8 million more children.


I must be sleep deprived to dream of this life, right? :)

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