Monday, July 29, 2013


It is only the end of July, but if I went outside blind folded, I would swear it was the end of September. It is cool, not so humid, and if it weren't for the bright green everywhere, I'd be busting out the pumpkin spice candles. I love fall so much - and after experiencing my first true fall last year, my feelings were confirmed. It is my favorite season. Period.

Life lately has been slow and beautiful, especially in the week since my return from Phoenix. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder (even if it was hard to imagine my heart being any fonder of my sweet guys). But still, I did my best to soak up and enjoy the sweet moments over the last week.

{i love the intro to Ina @ home - my favorite cookbook! i wasn't even cooking anything out of it, but couldn't resist pulling it down to re-read Ina's story about learning to make a home}

{have you had these? we are BIG time pickle fans around this place, and these chips did not disappoint!}

{even pea soup looks prettier in vintage Pyrex}

{J actually requested pot roast - not his favorite - and I was happy to oblige. This ended up being our Sunday dinner}

{mister fitzkitty can't resist a sun bathing opportunity}

{john john is as mischievous as they come. he is always getting into something - mostly his brother's shoes!}

{my sweet MIL gifted me with this adorable owl oven mitt}

{you can't buy it in stores anymore, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying a delicious lemon diet pepsi!}

{we have a new childcare arrangement going on (more on this later) - so far so good - mikey is old enough that he can entertain himself while john john naps, and I can get work done!}

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