Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It is time for another musical blog. I've been at the computer for a few hours after not getting home until after 7pm tonight (what can I say, it is month end).

Anyway - I won't go too overboard here. Every once in awhile I'll get worried that I know about music that other people don't know about - songs they could potentially love but they just might not have ever been exposed for some reason. So - these are those songs (mostly youtube clips... sorry)

Enjoy the Silence (Cover): Lacuna Coil - an amazing cover - lots of techno/dance bands have covered this song, but none so well as Lacuna Coil (in my opinion)

Thoughtless (Cover): Evanescence - I didn't really "love" this song when I first heard it from Korn, but for some reason the way Amy Lee pulls it off just amazes me. I love it!

Sanvean: Dead Can Dance - My mother insists that the folks at a local book store we spent a lot of time at listened to Dead Can Dance regularly, but I don't recall any of that :) This woman is amazing - she speaks in "Tongues" and for some reason it doesn't seem to matter that I don't know exactly what she is saying. This is great stuff :)

I Wish I Had An Angel: Nightwish - every song Nightwish does is of EPIC proportions. It is all so driving - I feel like I should be heading out into traffic with a sword and shield and bashing heads in while I drive. There is a particular point in this song that is very climatic and should be in a Dracula movie, for sure :)

Again - sorry for all the Youtube clips. If there are any songs listed here that you haven't heard of until this moment, and you like them (or even love them) then please tell me! One of my favorite hobbies is introducing my little sister to a particular song and having her love it. One example of that is "You Better Wait" by Steve Perry. But, to be fair, she introduced me to "If You Could Read My Mind Love" by Gordon Lightfoot. I guess we are trying to one up eachother on sad/sappy love songs, lol. Some other great accomplishments of mine include getting Josh into The Moody Blues (although he still has no love for 311...pshaw) and I've even got him loving Gogol Bordello :)

As always, I love to be edumacated on the ways of music, and I love discovering new artists to love (new to me... they don't necessarily have to be "new").

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