Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Vice...

I can't seem to take a step back from my newest love, Mr. Kindle (aka "the boyfriend" as J calls it). Instant gratification in the form of brand new books at my fingertips in less than 60 seconds = a mom that has read 20 books in 30 days. I've read:

-The Whole Southern Vampire Mysteries series (books 1-9) by Charlaine Harris
-The whole Harper Connelly Mysteries series (books 1-4) by Charlaine Harris
-Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
-Breaking Dawn (of the Twilight Series) again!
-Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
-The Queen of Clean cleans Everything (ok, mostly skimmed through that one)
-The Queen of Clean gets Organized (again... skimming here)
-And I know there are some others I'm forgetting about

The Kindle helped keep me company while the baby and I were pitiful and sick with colds. We are both recovering quite nicely now.

And, now that I've read and read and read, and I'm not feeling quite so sick, I'm trying so very hard to develop a new vice. An awful habit that includes a clean home. A homey home. A comfortable, clean and maybe even decorated home. And, if it isn't asking to much, perhaps I could fit in a little bit of time to read a book about time management, ha ha ha.

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