Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm not sure if any of her other songs are any good, but Katie Herzig plasters a smile on my face with her song "Forevermore" off her album The Apple Tree:

Forevermore - Katie Herzig

If you don't have an imeem account I think it will only allow you to listen to a 30 second clip, but it is still a sweet song :)

And speaking of fun songs, I was waiting in the drive thru at Jack in the Box (excellent nutrition for the baby, I know) and the most awesome song came on the radio that I hadn't heard in such a long time - I couldn't help but turn my radio up full blast and start rocking out!

I got lots of interesting looks, but whatever, who cares about what uptight drive thru critics think.

Other silly songs that you must hear and love? How about Dragostea Din Tei by O-zone, a Moldovan group that was never really popular here in the US, but they totally should have been!

Happy Saturday, everyone - enjoy some happy Saturday music :)


  1. I like Katie Herzig. And one of the people imeem says I also might like is Emiliana Torrini, which I definitely do. I'll have to look into Katie!

    That What is Love song, that was so popular in Atlanta clubs while I was going to college. Very danceable. :)

    And the last one. I swore I had heard it before until I looked them up. Then it hit me, almost all Euro-rock sounds the same. It's pretty good, but it got old in Germany when the only thing you could hear on the radio was pulsating rhythms to unintelligible lyrics. I love me some Nek though. He's an Italian singer. He could sing to me all day long and I'd listen.

  2. Vicki,

    I'll go ahead and check out some more Katie Herzig - I just happened to hear this one song on TV and it caught my ear. Any recommendations for other Katie tunes I might enjoy?

    Oh, and as far as Nek goes (what kind of name is that? Nek? Guess it isn't any better than Haddaway :o) I guess I'll have to give him a listen, as well. But - which song do I listen to?