Monday, May 11, 2009

Overnight Diapers...

Is there such a thing as overnight diapers? Super Absorbent? I've become desperate! You see, my little Mikey sleeps so well on his tummy, but all his pee is concentrated at the front of his diaper, and since he sleeps 10-12 hours a night, his Huggies are getting drenched and the urine is seeping through his diaper, onto his PJ's and his sheets! I'm tired of washing sheets every night, lol.

Ok, I just googled it. Duh. How come I didn't know about these? Any recommendations on brands before I go out and buy them?

I've also been on the lookout for a new diaper bag. It seems as though everyone is always looking for a smaller bag, but I really do want something bigger. It isn't like I carry the thing for very long, and I like to carry along everything I might possibly need for about a week or so, lol. It appears that I may end up purchasing just a regular old tote or perhaps even a backpack. I'll spiff it up with patches and stickers to make it super cool for Mikey!

Also, loving this for the Jeep. I don't have a "net" to prevent groceries from rolling all over the place, and it appears that Lands End has thought of everything!

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  1. We use huggies overnight diapers. thats really the only brand i know of. it works most of the time for us. broc still seems to leek through sometimes though. i have also been told to not feed him right before bed and to change him so that hes in a fresh diaper right before you put him down. as far as a bigger diaper bag, i went through the same thing. i was just needing so much more stuff for broc that i really wanted and needed a bigger bag for him. i looked around and found one i really liked at jc penny's. hope this helps. :)