Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tonight I'm Tangled In My Blanket of Clouds, Dreaming Aloud

After further research, I've become quite excited about the South Beach Diet (SBD). For the first two weeks (Phase 1) I am allowed lean protein, all vegetables (with the exception of starchier veggies like Peas and Corn), vegetable juice, eggs, legumes (hooray for black, black eyed, pinto and refried beans!) and certain dairy products (1% milk, plain low fat yogurt, low fat cheese) and nuts & seeds. Phase 1 is supposed to last 2 weeks, but I can imagine being content on it for longer than two weeks. Phase 2 allows for the addition of fruit and whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and grainy bread. It isn't open season by any means. The plan directs you to add specific amounts at specific meals.

Another exciting concept? Snacking! SBD calls for snacking between meals.

Other things that I'm excited about that are sort of lame? The Sims 3, which comes out June 2nd, and Wal Mart in Maricopa, opening in 13 days!

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  1. Watch out for carrots too, they raise your glycemic (sp?) index, which is like your blood sugar level, or something, and it affects how your body burns energy. Whatever. ;)