Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

Today. What a great day! My good pal Naomi was in town from Buffalo, NY, and cooked dinner for a crowd over at Liz and Dave's place (and April & Jason were there, too!). I actually surprised myself by going in the first place. I've felt so damn lazy lately, and it is hard to get me out of the house these days. What can I say - the temptation of seeing Liz, April and Naomi all at once was too much, and I'm really glad I went. The conversation was fantastic (as it always is) and I really enjoy discussing motherhood with Liz. She and I may not agree on everything, but I can totally level with her cause she is just cool like that.

Something that came up in our conversations tonight was the hospital situation, and specifically if it was ok to visit me in the hospital. My response? Absolutely! I would love to see you! But please, not until after the baby gets here.

My preference is that no one comes to the hospital until after the baby is safely delivered. I realize that not everyone is going to be down with not coming to the hospital until that point, so I just request that you stay out of my room until the baby is here. I don't want you in there. Nothing personal - I just already have to share the room with 10 doctors and nurses and Josh will need a place to stand, too, and I just don't want to see anyone until after we are all done. Thanks!


Update: I've been having contractions! Like, real contractions. Alas - they are like 15-20 minutes apart and aren't killer yet, but things could be happening on their own! Of course, they could come to a complete stop and go nowhere, but it would be cool if I went into labor on my own before Monday!

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